A Historic Moment in FAZIOLI History

It was in the morning of Wednesday, October 20th when we received word from FAZIOLI’s head office in Italy…the results of the XVIII International Chopin Piano Competition were finally in! No words could describe the incredible feeling we felt when we learned that Canadian pianist, Bruce Liu was the winner of first prize with his phenomenal performance on a FAZIOLI piano.

This year marks FAZIOLI’s 40 year anniversary, and what a way it was to celebrate it by reaching their biggest achievement to date. Out of the six prize winners, first place winner Bruce Liu, third place winner Martin Garcia Garcia, and fifth place winner Leonora Armellini, all chose FAZIOLI as their piano to perform on! We are thrilled to see that FAZIOLI has been able to not only capture the hearts of music enthusiasts, but also the hearts of pianists from all across the world!

Thank you for celebrating this momentous achievement with FAZIOLI and us! We are thrilled to see more and more pianists recognize Mr. Fazioli’s dedication and craftsmanship toward the piano.

Watch Bruce Liu’s winning performance here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcOjKXIR8Iw