Fazioli pianos were first developed 30 years ago by Paolo Fazioli, a pianist and engineer who wanted to create a piano that was significantly better than anything in existence. Today, a growing number of professional pianists are convinced that Fazioli makes the finest pianos available in the world – including jazz legend Herbie Hancock, and the world's leading interpreter of Bach music Angela Hewitt. Fazioli makes around 100 pianos a year and each one takes more than two years to make. Many of the parts are plated in 18K gold to prevent corrosion. Fazioli pianos feature many innovations – the sum of which has caused the pianos to be hailed as the absolute 'pinnacle' of the piano world. The heart of each Fazioli – the soundboard – is taken from the same trees in northern Italy's 'Val di Fiemme' forest where Antonio Stradivari once carved his wood for his famous violins. The F308 model is the world's largest piano in production at staggering length of 10 feet and 2 inches. All six sizes have the option of being ordered with a fourth pedal patented by Fazioli Pianoforti, which allows the pianist to soften the sound without changing the voice or timbre. Prices start at $119,998

   Fazioli F308 (10'3")

The largest concert grand piano in production in the world is designed for large spaces and particularly more modern large-capacity concert halls, this is the absolute "crown jewel". It has immense power and an extraordinary harmonic richness, owing to the increased string-length in the bass section. It is provided with a fourth pedal patented by Fazioli. This pedal allow to turn down the volume without modifying the timbre.

   Fazioli F278 (9'2")

A standard size for concert grand pianos with superior transmitting power, extensive dynamic range and harmonic richness.

   Fazioli F228 (7'6")

Very similar in its dynamic and mechanical characteristics to the concert grand (F278); a deep and powerful bass makes this piano excellent for medium-size concert halls. Only slightly smaller than a full concert grand, its richness in timbre makes it an ideal instrument for chamber music or solo repertoire.

   Fazioli F212 (7')

The most popular size, and considered across the world as a classic size for performing and teaching – and is also suitable also for medium concert halls. The excellent balance between the bass and treble and the wide dynamic range render this instrument particularly well suited for the recording studio.

   Fazioli F183 (6')

The second smallest piano in the Fazioli line, but one of the more popular models. A mellow, rich and brilliant sound suited for the entire piano repertoire. With a fine balance between the bass and treble this piano has a projecting tone, which exceeds its dimension.

   Fazioli F156 (5'2")

This is the smallest of the Fazioli series. Despite its dimensions, this piano has a notably powerful and clear sound. This piano is suitable for situations in which a larger piano is not suitable and when the player does not wish to renounce to the sound and the action of a high-quality grand piano.