The Sphinx grand piano – a masterpiece

The formidable sound quality combines modern concert culture with a regal presence. C. Bechstein has succeeded in resurrecting this historic treasure. This outstanding piece took 1800 working hours to create, over a total production time or 32 months.

Majestic, magnificent

A grand piano fit for a king! The styling, the adornments on the body, are an homage to the great Empire style period dating back to the time of Napoléon Bonaparte. The first model was built in 1886 as a special exhibition piece for C. Bechstein, London.

Beauty, down to the finest detail

Mythical sphinxes guard this valuable treasure, which transforms its surroundings into an elegant salon. The sphinx, a figure from Greek mythology, is a mythical creature with the enchanting grace of a female body coupled with the power of a lion. Half human, half animal. Ready to pounce, brimming with confidence. Wings give this hybrid being a sense of weightlessness. Greek, Egyptian and Roman motifs in the Empire style, such as lion’s feet, laurel or oak leaves, are presented in perfect form. The basic shape of the decorations to be applied are carved to scale in wood and then used as a mould for the bronze models, using a wax-melting process. The bronze castings are then cleaned and refinished before finally being fire gilded. The fire-gilded figurines are given their fantastic, elegant sheen by means of extensive hand polishing using polishing stones.


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