W. Hoffmann T 161 (5'3")

W. Hoffmann T 161 (5’3″)

The smallest grand in the Tradition series, the T 161 model is made in the Czech Republic by C. Bechstein Europe. This baby grand boasts harmonious proportions and an impressive sound character. With its pleasant touch, its beautiful timbre and its well-balanced voice in all registers, this instrument will increase your playing pleasure. The excellent processing just goes to show that C. Bechstein Europe is an exception on the global market when it comes to offering quality pianos at an affordable price. Thanks to its solidity and rich musicality, this baby grand is particularly suitable for intensive use in a conservatory — or your private music room.

The W.Hoffmann T 161 baby grand piano in the Tradition series stands out for its harmonious and well-balanced European sound that is the result of a synthesis between state-of-the-art technology, the traditional working out of the action and the manual voicing of the hammerheads. The excellent action assembly enables you to interpret any work subtly and master pianissimo and fortissimo passages alike. Moreover, this baby grand boasts a highly differentiated voice.

Dimensions: W 151 / 59.4” ×  D 161 / 5’3”
292 / 644 kg
Available Finishes: Polished Ebony, Mahogany, Walnut, or White


  • Semi-hard wood beams
  • Spruce core soundboard
  • Spruce ribs
  • Hardwood bridges
  • Conifer and MDF cabinets
  • Cast iron plate
  • European strings
  • Laminated hardwood pinblock
  • Solid brass hardware
  • German hammers
  • 5 Year warranty


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