Fazioli piano reveiws and testimonials

“There is no other piano the can channel one’s soul better than a Fazioli.”

-- Dr. Thomas Yu -- Periodontist and winner of international piano competitions in Paris, New York, Manchester and Vienna

"The Fazioli is a very creative piano, it really lets you do all that your imagination wants to do. It has a huge range of colour, from the most powerful sounds to the most delicate sounds – which are all produced with great ease. It is my most precious possession!"

-- Angela Hewitt -- Concert Pianist

concert pianist

"The Fazioli is the most outstanding piano that sings and soars with a musician's heart and soul. It is simply an instrument of incredible beauty!"

-- POH-LIN KOH -- Concert Pianist

"Words really can't properly express my enthusiasm for these incredible instruments. I have played many hundreds of instruments in my 28 years of professional music making, and I can honestly say that the Fazioli is simply the finest instrument I have ever had the privilege to play."

-- Miles Black -- Jazz Pianist

Annabelle Paetsch
“The touch is highly responsive; encouraging and facilitating tonally nuanced playing. Truly a very rewarding artistic experience! I can see why the Fazioli is in demand as a recording instrument as well as for live concerts."

-- Annabelle Paetsch -- Music Educator

concert pianist
"The crystalline clarity of a Fazioli piano combined with a limitless palette of tonal color gives the performer the ability to fully realize their artistic soul. This is a rare and unique jewel, and an experience not to be missed." -- Dr. Sasha Starcevich -- Concert Pianist

"Playing on a Fazioli It's an incredible experience and a huge sense of quality resounds from any perspective. The manufacture of the keyboard allows such powerful and precise control of the sound that it gives comfortable space to the creation of wider ranges of sounds and dynamics. It's an unbelievable experience to play on an instrument that implicitly helps to shape better the imagination of how a piece of music could be done." -- Domenico Mongelli

concert pianist"I've played a lot of amazing pianos over my 20-year career - each of them exceptional in their own right. The first time I sat down to a FAZIOLI, it felt like reconnecting with an old friend. The warmth of the tone, the easy camaraderie between my hands and the keys, and the subtle nuances floored me. It felt like home, like an extension of my own body. And that's an incredible experience!" -- Martin Mayer -- Pianist & Composer

concert pianist"My first experience performing and recording on a luminous Fazioli piano was in Montreal at the historic Chappelle Historique du Bon Pasteur.  I was overjoyed to hear decades later that Showcase Pianos had brought these beautifully crafted and silky-sounding pianos into our city.  Since then, Showcase Pianos has been generous in supporting young talent by hosting recitals and personally, for sponsoring and providing a Fazioli piano for my upcoming Recital for Hope." -- Libby Yu -- Educator and Performer

concert pianist“Playing on a Fazioli piano truly inspires music out of my soul. There's nothing like a Fazioli!  So blessed to be able to play on such exquisite instruments, it is one of the BEST feelings in the world! Fazioli pianos have hands-down taken the lead of craftsmanship and performance.    I honestly get goose-bumps when playing the Fazioli, it just pulls the music right out of me and it's really hard to go back to playing anything else.”
-- Sasha L. C. Veregin -- Film Scoring Music Producer/Arranger, Performer & Piano/Music Teacher

concert pianist"The Fazioli piano embodies the true spirit, essence and magic of the pianist. I have never felt so blessed and filled with joy when playing a piano in my life. I believe there is no limit to what a pianist can achieve on a Fazioli."
-- Max Zipursky -- Jazz Pianist

pianist "The Fazioli is truly the best piano in the world. I have heard and played many pianos and a few piano-shaped objects. The Fazioli outshines them all, with beautiful tone, total responsiveness, and awesome power. I begged my parents to buy one for me. So now I have a gorgeous 7' Fazioli to make music with, and it will be my constant companion for the rest of my life."
-- Tristan Teo -- Pianist

concert pianist
"First time I felt the piano music I played transcended into magic was when I played on a Fazioli"
-- Carl Petersson -- Concert Pianist

Wayne Weng, Concert Pianist“When I was rehearsing last night, the piano reminded me of a fine Bordeaux, like a Margaux or a Pauillac, which is powerful yet well-balanced, supple, and structured. What I love about Fazioli that other top pianos don’t offer is the clarity of registers throughout. The deep, roaring bass never drowns out the top as the top shines with its crystalline brilliance, while the middle register is full-bodied to keep things balanced.” Wayne Weng, Concert Pianist

“The Fazioli is an exhilarating sonic experience for both performers and audience members.”
-- Elizabeth & Marcel Bergmann -- Award Winning Bergmann Duo

"Fazioli piano lets me express more than I could ever imagine. My music sounds absolutely better on the Fazioli and the buttery sound that it creates makes me want to never stop playing..."
-- Miri Lee -- Pianist / Composer

concert pianist"Playing the Fazioli..has been one of my life's most wonderful experiences."
-- Daniil Trifonov -- Concert Pianist, Winner of the International Tchaikovsky and Rubinstein Competitions

Clare Yuan
"Fazioli's attention to detail and intricate workmanship makes every Fazioli piano one of a kind. It satisfies every intention of sound-making and fulfills the dreams of the pianist. Fazioli – a sense of class and taste!"
-- Clare Yuan -- Pianist

"Every Fazioli piano is a work of art with perfectly balanced sonority and a smooth registry. They are never mechanical instruments - instead, they make me feel like I'm singing from my fingers!"

-- Wenwen -- Pianist, Accompanist, Educator

Maria Mazo -- Finalist at Honen's International Piano Competition

"I liked the Fazioli in Calgary during the Honens International Piano Competition very much and had a good collaboration with the Fazioli technician Michael Lipnicki. Unfortunately I don't have a chance to play Fazioli pianos often however I just love playing them. They offer an vast range of possibilities, very creative pianos. Wish I could play Fazioli more often". www.mariamazo.com

-- Maria Mazo -- Finalist at Honen's International Piano Competition

pianist"You cannot help but fall in love with a Fazioli. It is of impeccable quality and incomparable to other pianos. When I first played a Fazioli and realised what a magical sound it was capable of making, it made me break out in a genuine smile right in the middle of my performance. This instrument is every pianists dream – not only because it never fails to be incredibly responsive, but because it really lets you turn your dreams into reality by allowing the player to create the music they hear in their mind."
-- Evgenia Rabinovich -- Pianist

Linda Lee Thomas – Principal Pianist, VSO and CBC Radio Orchestra
"The Fazioli is every pianist's dream. This piano can sing - cry - scream - and even dance for you. Anything you ask of it - it responds beautifully. Thank you for bringing this incredible "Dream Machine" to Vancouver. It is quite simply the most wonderful piano being made in the world today."
Linda Lee Thomas – Principal Pianist, VSO and CBC Radio Orchestra

Adam Neiman - Concert Pianist
"The Fazioli piano is a feat of engineering, a superb instrument capable of delivering into the hands of an artist the ultimate palette with which to express every range of colour and brilliance. A perfected action and a luscious sound – an artist could not ask for more."
Adam Neiman - Concert Pianist

Classical New Age Pianist & Composer
"What sets Fazioli apart from other pianos? Resonance, richness of tone, dynamic Range. I know that Mr. Fazioli personally selects only trees that make the best tone. Believe me, this is something that I notice when I play. The Fazioli brand is simply unmatched."
Jon Schmidt -
Classical New Age Pianist & Composer

Adam Neiman - Concert Pianist
"I tried a Fazioli once. A Fazioli artist was in town, doing a TSO gig (where I used to work) and I was then working for the venue, Roy Thomson and Massey Hall. No one was around except some lighting crew; the Fazioli was there, on stage off to the side, challenging me to do something about it. It's like Mt. Everest, you know? "Because it's THERE." So I played it. And played it. Oh god. My eyes rolled back into my head. If that's not an endorsement, I don't know what is; I can't keep going because it would have to be censored. I quietly left the stage, heart pounding ...."
Liz Parker, Foundress - LIZPR

"I started with the cheapest pianos, eventually ending up at the keyboard of the F183 Fazioli. I saved it for last because I truly didn't believe it would be that special, and that I would immediately turn back to another instrument that was cheaper and better. But that wasn't to be. It turned out to be as fabulous as the hype would have us believe. I was seduced by a lighter-than-average touch and a warm, expressive sound. Both were consistent from bass to treble. Getting fine dynamic shading in or playing fast runs evenly did seem easier."
John Teraud, The Toronto Star

Dr. Ronald Morgan – Concert Pianist
"The Fazioli pianos at Showcase Pianos have an exquisite sound. I was particularly impressed with how responsive they were in reproducing a whispering pianissimo, and they were equally impressive in the larger dynamic range. For the owner of one of these pianos, most people would recognize immediately that you have something unique and very special."
Dr. Ronald Morgan – Concert Pianist

Lester J. Soo – Pianist/Musician
"The Fazioli piano is a most responsive and refined instrument that inspires one to create with the utmost of simplicity, an absolute dream to perform on. Definitely Lesterian!"
Lester J. Soo – Pianist/Musician

Dr. Ronald Morgan – Concert Pianist
"Don't you wish you could have been at Joan Sutherland's Italian debut at La Fenice theater in Venice in 1959? Imagine the purity of her tones as she brought the bel canto beauties of 'Lucia' back to Venice for the first time in over 30 years. Or, imagine it is Easter Morning, you are standing at the foot of the campanile of San Georgio Maggiore, and now the church bells ring out. The sounds strike deep into the fiber of your being; the broad, resonant peals of the bass notes are as pure as if they were summoned from hand bells, and they are all equally distinguishable, even though the richness of the sound echoes back to you from the waters of the Grand Canal. The sound is sustained beyond your imagination, just as it might be if you were privileged, like the popes are, to hear the Schola Cantorum Romana sing Palestrina or Pergolesi at its home in the Sistine Chapel. If you can imagine all this, you can imagine what it is like to play a Fazioli."
Garrett Glass, Pianist

Louis Lortie – Pianist
"Fazioli has a very limited production, so they make sure that everything is impeccable – the action is so fluid, so even – it's almost like a massage for a pianist! "
Louis Lortie – Concert Pianist

Serge Mazerand –  Pianist & Relaxing Music Producer
"I always thought my German grand piano was the next step to Heaven – until I played a Fazioli grand… I look forward to recording a CD on such a uniquely inspiring instrument which clearly towers in a class of it's own!"
Serge Mazerand
Pianist & Relaxing Music Producer

Jane Hayes – Director of Keyboard Studies, Kwantlen Polytechnic University
"I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing the marvelous 7' Fazioli for the Vetta chamber concert. Having an instrument that possesses such clarity and evenness of tone for the concert allowed me to play with freedom and confidence in the result. It was the first time that I had tried the Fazioli and it certainly lived up to all of the advance press that I had heard and read. It responds reliably, immediately, and has an incredible bass and high treble. The workmanship is second to none. "
Jane Hayes – Director of Keyboard Studies, Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Perry Dickison – Pianist & Vocalist
"This is my first time to have the experience of making music on a Fazioli piano. What an awesome piano – the best I have ever played in my life! The time flies by and I get lost in its awesome sound. The sound and touch of the entire keyboard is so consistent. It responds in a way I have never felt on other pianos. I am getting so spoiled! I happily express my enthusiasm for the Fazioli piano – it is the best I have ever heard!"
Perry Dickison – Pianist & Vocalist

Boris Konovalov – Concert Pianist
"It was a real joy for me to be introduced to the Fazioli. Such great beauty, lightness of touch, along with a great range of sound makes this piano truly a special one – it's a dream for any concert pianist to perform on."
Boris Konovalov – Concert Pianist

John Dupuis – Pianist & Teacher
"Fazioli pianos reveal an enchanting world of subtle sonorities unimaginable on other pianos. They draw the player into a state of delicate expressiveness and sensitivity."
John Dupuis – Pianist & Teacher

Svetlana Ponomarëva - Concert Pianist
"The F212 Fazioli 7 foot grand piano sound was delicious: it possessed an effortless crystal clear upper register that I enjoyed!"
Svetlana Ponomarëva - Concert Pianist

Bob Murphy – Jazz Pianist
"The Fazioli is a beautiful instrument, one of the most interesting pianos I've ever played!"
Bob Murphy – Jazz Pianist

Dr. Christine Vanderkooy –  Department of Music, University of Regina
"I'm thrilled to know that the Fazioli is now in Vancouver. I had one of the most vivid and memorable performances of my life on the divine Fazioli in Chapelle Historique du Bon Pasteur where I played a number of years ago. The piano did everything - and more - to respond to my imagination and inspire great dialogue with the instrument and the repertoire -it was almost overwhelmingly exciting. I've not played one since but can't wait to try one again. It really was a Ferrari..."
Dr. Christine Vanderkooy
Department of Music, University of Regina

David Pickell – Musician/Song Writer
"Once you get past the visual impact of the craftsman-like elegance of the Fazioli concert grand, you sit down and play a chord - and the piano says "as you like it". It will bring incredible gradations of tone easily, from a shimmering glassy pianissimo to a thundering triple forte. I divide pianos into two categories, the first piano says "anything you say!" and the second says "just try and make me!". Now I have three categories. The Fazioli has a magic which goes a little beyond what you might expect - it seems to say "I know how you want to sound: here it is"."
David Pickell – Musician/Song Writer

Linda Lee Thomas – Principal Pianist, VSO and CBC Radio Orchestra
"The Fazioli is the most sensitive instrument you can get. It's the kind of instrument that gives you exactly what you want from it, which is at once intimidating and empowering. You can really use it to make beautiful music on a whole new level."
Michael Onwood – Composer, Pianist
"Just a thank you note for you to give the opportunity to own a Fazioli 212. This piano grows with me daily. The harmonic richness and tone colour seem to emanate in the same way a high end Gem such as a diamond refracts white light into a beautiful luminescent rainbow. I have not experienced this with any other piano to date. I have owned many wonderful pianos in the past. This one is very different and unique."
Bill Lashmar, Piano Technician

"From the moment I touched the keys of the gorgeous Fazioli piano - I knew in an instant something was different. The tone was so rich and warm, yet filled with tremendous power. Its sensitivity was magnified by its striking clarity. I have been in love with Fazioli pianos ever since."
Aisa Sayama, Concert Pianist

"Fazioli's attention to detail and intricate workmanship makes every Fazioli piano one of its kind. It satisfies every intention of sound-making and fulfills the dreams of every pianist. Fazioli - sense of class and taste!"
Clare Yuan, Concert Pianist

"I love playing my Fazioli, it really lets me express myself like no other piano can!"

Maggie Chang

"The Fazioli is a dream to play and literally made to perfection. It has the highest quality of workmanship; from its dazzling sound, to its majestic presence."
Olivia Cai, Piano Teacher

Nikolai Demidenko – Concert Pianist
"They feel every bit alive, providing more than any pianist could desire. The dynamic range is unbelievable."
Nikolai Demidenko – Concert Pianist

Tom Lavin – Director, Pacific Audio Visual Institute (PAVI)
"I have long admired Paolo Fazioli for having immersed himself in the worthy quest of creating the world's finest piano. I enthusiastically share the opinion of others who feel he has indeed accomplished his goal."
Tom Lavin – Director, Pacific Audio Visual Institute (PAVI)

Stephen Hough – Concert Pianist
"..an instrument of rare distinction..."
Stephen Hough – Concert Pianist

"Several things come to mind about the Fazioli: First of all, through [Manuel's] sincerity, the dealership in Vancouver exhibits a touch of class. My immediate impressions after playing were that many aspects of piano building have been elevated to new heights. The action is so acutely responsive and precisely mated to what you hear, the sustainability especially in the upper registers is incredible. The feedback you get from these instruments allows you to create music you thought not possible. The F278 feels like you have an orchestra at your command."
Laurence Pellizzari – Pianist

Dr. Peter Jancewicz –  Professor of Piano Performance, Mt. Royal Conservatory College, Calgary AB
"The main piano used in performance at Mt. Royal College is a Fazioli F308, a gift to the Conservatory in honour of the Blackstone family. Given by an anonymous donor in 2001, it is one of only 40 existing F308's. It was built by hand over eighteen months by Fazioli Pianoforti at Sacile in Pordenone, Italy, an area renowned for woodworking. At 10'2", it is the largest piano in the world; a standard concert grand piano is nine feet long. The wood for the sounding board, "abete rosso" or red spruce, comes from the Magnifica Communità di Fiemme, a community forest in the Italian Alps that also supplied wood for the famous violin makers Stradivari and the Cremona School. Seasoned maple for the pin blocks comes from Canada. It is a lovely piano to play, with a responsive, sensitive action and a beautiful sound."
Dr. Peter Jancewicz
Professor of Piano Performance, Mt. Royal Conservatory College, Calgary AB

concert pianist

"Externally elegant, internally magnificent: Fazioli is the pinnacle where music meets art!"

-- Ellen Wang -- Principal Organist of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

Nick Sergienko
"I was very impressed with the overall presentation, style, high quality of technology of the Fazioli and Bechstein Pianos. The tone of the elegant Fazioli is unique, crystal clean, and at the same time incredibly rich and powerful . Very sensitive action-absolutely amazing. Obviously, Fazioli is a new generation for the piano industry, and it's a great privilege and joy to play on this spectacular instrument. "
Nick Sergienko - Concert Pianist and West Vancouver Piano teacher

Scot Ranney – Jazz Pianist
"I spent my b-day in Vancouver trying out as many concert grand pianos as I could find. Maybe that sounds like a strange way to spend a birthday, but for me, it's like being in heaven for a day. The pianos that stood out, I mean, sparkled like diamonds in a bag of charcoal dust, are called Fazioli and they are made in Italy. I had to lean way back while playing on them because I didn't want to get drool all over the keys..."
Scot Ranney – Jazz Pianist

Greg Novik, CTV News
"What a breath of fresh air. When so much in this world is becoming mass - produced, when everything seems digital, when quality seems to be a long - forgotten term, we can at least see that it doesn't have to be that way. The vision of one man and a team of dedicated people can produce a beacon of beauty for everyone to marvel at."
Greg Novik, CTV News

"I have been playing the piano quite a bit since it was delivered. The more I play it, the more we love it! It is truly an exceptional instrument in every way!! When we think that we almost ended up with a different piano…yikes! You (and Judy) have been terrific! Thank you very much! I feel very lucky and fortunate to be the owner of a Fazioli piano!"
Ingrid Gates – Piano Teacher

Craig Addy – Pianist/Composer MY FAZIOLI DREAM: About 3 years ago, I received a copy of The Piano Shop on the Left Bank by TE Carhart. The book is about the author's relationship with Luc, the owner of a little Parisian piano shop in which old pianos are nursed back to health. It is also an endearing history of the piano from its heyday in the mid- to late-nineteenth century and the technical advances that have transformed it. I was well into the book when I turned the page to a new chapter and was presented with the title "Fazioli".

Fazioli? What is a Fazioli piano? I had never heard of it. By the end of the chapter, which included the author's experience of visiting the Fazioli Factory in Italy, I was thoroughly entranced and enchanted by this piano. Even without playing one, I knew this was something exceptional. But until now, the Fazioli piano has just been a fantastic dream.

Finally, it is available here in western Canada. When I walked into Manuel Bernaschek's new Showcase Pianos store and played his Fazioli pianos I had some minor feelings of trepidation - would I be disappointed? Would it indeed be the glorious piano I had created in my imagination? Well, my experience exceeded my wildest dreams! The Fazioli piano is nothing short of miraculous! Every detail from design, construction and of course sound is attended to. You know what you are getting when you play this piano. Unlike some other high end pianos, the Fazioli does not need to be worked in for a year before it really starts to sing. They take care of that before they ship the piano.
Craig Addy – Pianist/Composer
"Last week I did the 2nd tuning for the Fazioli F183 in Victoria. What a beautiful piano!! The tenor area is so gorgeous, like a perfect cello. I've never heard anything like it. It was such an enjoyable tuning, the piano almost tunes itself! The family is very happy with the instrument and have abandoned the old upright for family lessons. Everyone in the family uses the Fazioli." – Jim Anderson, Piano Technician

Paolo Fazioli: I am writing you today to compliment you on the superb quality of your pianos.

Here at the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts during the past several months we have had the opportunity of enjoying one of your F278 pianos during two different concerts. The piano for both events was provided by Showcase Piano's here in Vancouver.

Most recently Louis Lortie played Mozart's piano concerto no. 20 in D minor, K.466 in concert with the CBC Radio Orchestra. What struck me most about the F278 was the level of clarity and tonality that the instrument maintained and incumbent with that was the detail of rhythmic articulation that could be heard within the venue.

As the person responsible for adjusting the room acoustics to best serve the artist and audience a lot of my time is spent in critical listening. And having been here at the venue for such a long time, I have heard many different instruments played by numerous artists – to the point where I have begun to discern between individual Stradivarius - and in all honesty few pianos have sounded as nice in our venue and in my opinion only one sounded better.

I have always been fascinated by the mechanics and ergonomics of playing music and there respective influences on execution and interpretation of the repertoire being played. One of the privileges that I enjoy is having the opportunity to chat with some of the greatest performers of our age and on rare occasion, when time and circumstance permits, engage an artist in depth over the nuances and minutiae of their craft. One of the most generous with his time and knowledge has been pianist Krystian Zimmerman.

During Mr. Zimmerman's last visit we chatted for about 45 minutes where we discussed his preferences in balancing the action and tuning the piano; he shared his knowledge and insight about everything from hammer reflex to the coupling effects of wheels on various surfaces. Mr. Zimmerman is perhaps the most fastidious and particular pianist that I have ever had the pleasure of working with and without a doubt the Steinway instrument that he toured with sounded the absolute best in this venue. That piano was an instrument that he had spent weeks preparing prior to the concert tour.

In contrast your Fazioli fresh from the showroom floor faired just as well.

In a highly reverberant field, such as ours, it is often difficult to hear the detail or maintain the harmonic integrity during fast passages because the reverberant energy tends to build up to the point were it begins to obscure the rhythmic motion and chord structure. What I have noticed most with your piano is the balance of the overtones, the upper partials do not tend to smear together, but rather continue to sing and decay at a favorable rate. This is especially true with harmonics generated from notes in the lower registers – which to my ear is what differentiates a good piano from an exceptional one.

I know full well that different artists, with their different styles, different repertoire and differing preferences to tuning and hammer felt density all have a profound effect on how a particular instrument sounds. This is why I chose to reserve my opinion on your piano until after I had the opportunity to hear your instrument in a second setting, with a different artist.

In closing, as of yet I have not had the opportunity to hear your piano's in other venues, but in this one your F278 sounds spectacular.
Cheers, Jay O'Keeffe — Head Audio Technician Chan Centre for the performing Arts, University of British Columbia