UNBELIEVABLE Pianos You Never Knew Existed

I visit the world’s most unique and extravagant pianos, and the Fazioli factory in Italy!

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The Touching Story of Pianist Daniel Chow

Touching story of Award winning amateur pianist Daniel Chow who has not had a piano in years, and now buys a baby grand from the finest grand piano maker in the world.


What’s special about playing a Fazioli piano?

Meet two award winning and highly acclaimed musicians. Jazz pianist Paul Plimley and classical pianist Avan Yu talk about what their impressions of playing a Fazioli piano.

The Story Behind the ‘Origami’ Piano

VANCOUVER, BC – Commissioned by the Westbank Development Company – the owners of the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel in Vancouver, the “Origami” Fazioli piano was originally designed by a team of renowned architects (McFarlane / Green / Biggar). The white colored instrument distinguishes itself thanks to the elaborate tri-dimensional incision, made of walnut wood, located on the internal side of the lid. When the piano was refurbished in 2019, the owners invited Origami Master Joseph Wu to contribute to the design. World famous for his unique origami designs, Wu had also been commission to make the origami chandelier which can be seen from the lobby lounge where the piano has been placed.

Comments from Soprano @Hedyhoiyi Chan

An incredible Fazioli designed by Kengo Kuma for Westbank

VANCOUVER, BC – Leading Canadian real estate developer Westbank commissioned legendary Japanese architect Kengo Kuma to create a unique design for the Fazioli piano that will be the centerpiece of the building lobby that will be located at 1550 Alberni Street in Vancouver, BC. Interviews with classical pianist Avan Yu, jazz pianist Paul Plimley, Fazioli Pianoforti founder Paolo Fazioli, Westbank Development Corporation founder Ian Gillespie, and Manuel Bernaschek of Showcase Pianos.

CBS Sunday Morning: The Art of Fine Piano-Making

CBS Sunday Morning interviews famed Italian piano maker Paolo Fazioli, his son Luca, Jazz Legend Herbie Hancock, and Award Winning Classical Pianist Rachel Naomi Kudo.

FAZIOLI: Music Sounds Better on the World’s Finest Pianos

VANCOUVER, BC – Award winning videographer Erik Andersen, owner of Love Story Media, was commissioned by Showcase Pianos to produce a video for ‘Fazioli’, the rare Italian brand of pianos. The exciting new video features clips of a short performance by Evgenia Rabinovich, Amy Yu, as well as interviews with concert pianist Angela Hewitt, Showcase Pianos owner Manuel Bernaschek, and even a few words by the famed pianomaker himself, Paolo Fazioli.

Mini-Documentary on Fazioli Pianos

Pianists interviewed: Tien Hsieh, Angela Hewitt, Tim Zhang, and Duo Duetta: Dorothy & Janice.

Interviews also with Paolo Fazioli, Alan Merriam, and Manuel Bernaschek

$150,000 pianos selling like crazy in Metro Vancouver – CTV News

CTV News BC – Ross McLaughlin and Lisa Green, CTV Vancouver

Luxury cars, fashion and real estate are all the norm in Metro Vancouver. Now Vancouver is the number one seller of a piano so expensive most of us could never afford it. It’s the Fazioli, starting at about $150,000.

More were sold here in 2015 than the whole United States, all of Germany and all of China.

There’s a lot of money in Vancouver and talent as well, like eight-year-old XinYi Wang, whose parents bought her a $190,000 Fazioli to play. Now she needs no encouragement to practice. In just four years XinYi has mastered the instrument and won awards. Her picture sits on display in the show room of Showcase Pianos in Richmond.

“The parents want to give them the best tool possible for success,” explained Showcase owner Manuel Bernaschek.

Last year, Showcase sold 14 Fazioli’s, making the store the number one seller in the world. There is still one that rare $535,000 Bernaschek that hasn’t sold. The Fazioli grand sits behind a red velvet rope.

“It’s completely covered in 24-carat gold leaf,” Bernaschek said.
So what makes the Fazioli so special? One of Bernaschek’s customers, award winning Calgary pianist and periodontist
Thomas Yu, summed it up for CTV News.

“Its ability to create color in all levels of sound. So, it’s not just a piano that can play soft and loud,” said Yu. “It’s just perfectly balanced top to bottom.”

The pianos are handcrafted and custom made in Sacile, Italy, by pianist and engineer Paulo Fazioli. He’s been making the grand and concert grand pianos since 1981.

They use the finest materials. The soundboard wood comes from the same forest in Italy where Stradivarius got his wood for his violin, so acoustically it’s the most superior soundboard wood in the world,” Bernaschek added.

However, you don’t have to be rich or famous to get a chance to play a Fazioli. There’s a Fazioli grand at the Telus Garden in downtown Vancouver and we’re told the public can play it as long as it’s treated with respect.


著名的溫哥華建築師格雷戈里·亨利克斯(Gregory Henriquez)講述了這座城市最新高調藝術案例鋼琴的創作故事:位於Telus Garden大樓美麗新大堂的Fazioli。

西班牙 - 這座城市卓越的開發公司 - 背後的夢想領袖伊恩·吉萊斯皮(Ian Gillespie)委託格雷戈里·恩里克斯(Gregory Henriquez)設計Telus Gardens大樓,並將其中一種Fazioli鋼琴作為其大堂的中心部分。

Probably now one of the most city’s visible pianos, it can be clearly seen by 80,000 daily passersby on West Georgia – between Seymour and Richards.

Introduction by Manuel Bernaschek of Showcase Pianos, who was interviewed here wearing a beautiful Italian suit and tie by Stefano Ricci.

Fazioli Pianos were founded in 1979 by Paolo Fazioli, an Italian pianist and engineer. Showcase Pianos is the exclusive representative for Fazioli pianos in BC.

Video by Guy Roland and Dave Hamilton of NBD Creative

This Is What A Million Dollar Piano Sounds Like!

Let’s go on an adventure to find the most expensive piano Lisa has ever played!

Lisa finds herself in piano heaven (aka Showcase Pianos) where the Fazioli Butterfly is being kept safe before its placed in its forever home in downtown Vancouver. And not only does she get to play this absolutely breathtaking piano she also gets to play everything else Showcase Pianos has to offer! Starting with Dexibell, Grotrian, and Bechstein – Each piano has its own unique qualities but one quality they all share is beauty.

But in the end, we sit down with the Fazioli Butterfly and experience what a million dollar piano sounds like!

Westbank X Fazioli

Filmed by award winning director Lukas Dong

Vancouver Architect designs case for world’s largest piano: FAZIOLI F308

Vancouver Architect Ernest Collins designed the art case for a very special Fazioli F308 in Red Elm. Fazioli pianos are made by hand in Italy and have gained popularity at an astonishing rate since their beginning in 1979. They are now widely regarded as being the finest pianos available in the world, and at 10 feet and 3 inches long the Fazioli model F308 is the largest production piano in the world.

Showcase Pianos is the exclusive dealer for Fazioli pianos in the province of BC, and deals with many brands of pianos – – – from the very affordable, to the most luxurious. (www.showcasepianos.com)

Ernest Collins and his wife Grace designed the case of the piano, as well as the matching cabinet and picture frame shown in the video. (www.ernestcollins.bc.ca)

Cabinet was made by Joe Edwards of TLC Design.

Artist for the painting is Mike Solomon. (www.soloman.ca)

Music composed and performed (unfortunately not on a Fazioli) by the very talented Juilliard graduate and die-hard Fazioli fan Jennifer Athena Galatis. (www.jennifergalatis.com)

Camera work, video production and editing done by Guy Roland & Dave Hamilton of NDB Creative. (www.nbdcreative.com)

Paolo Fazioli dedicates new Showcase Pianos store in Vancouver

VANCOUVER, BC – Canadians are certainly familiar with his pianos – the ‘Butterfly’ piano being his most recent work to arrive in Vancouver to great fanfare, and shown in real-estate marketing everywhere. Designed by the late Bing Thom, it will be in the lobby of the new ‘Butterfly’ building that will be built downtown near Nelson & Burrard. In the last few years, our city has received some of his most beautiful creations – including the one in Douglas Fir wood designed by Gregory Henriquez in the lobby of the Telus Garden building.

Fazioli Pianoforti factory owner and founder Paolo Fazioli traveled to Vancouver from his home near Venice, Italy to visit Showcase Pianos – a store that is 10 years old now, and has been representing his pianos since opening in October of 2007. Store owner Manuel Bernaschek proudly admitted: “We have sold over 100 Fazioli pianos in the Vancouver area in the last decade – which is not easy, since they are the most costly pianos in the world!” Showcase Pianos is one of the top dealers in the world for the brand, and has now moved to a new location that is 3 times the size.

Many will recognize the space as being the old ‘Sony’ store, next to the Toys R Us on Broadway – under the old ‘Bowmac’ sign. “Being near such an iconic landmark makes it easy for people to find us,” says Bernaschek, who is also promoting the Music Academy that he opened inside the new shop. Academy director Jenaya Page says: “We have been operating a school in our flagship store at Richmond’s Aberdeen Centre for more than 5 years, and now have over 350 students. We keep a very high standard for education, and we place a strong emphasis on having a very good quality faculty, facility, and instruments. We opened late in the season, so new students are quite lucky to be able to get to study with teachers that are normally in very high demand.”

An unexpected journey: 24 Hours with Mr. Fazioli

Fazioli Pianoforti founder Mr. Paolo Fazioli visits Vancouver for 24 hours on Tuesday the 27th of January, 2015. Follow Showcase Pianos owner Manuel Bernaschek as he picks up a special Rolls-Royce Ghost that was arranged for Mr. Fazioli as he is taken to customer homes, media interviews, and a reception in his honour. Watch Mr. Fazioli check in to the “Fazioli Suite” at the Fairmont Pacific Rim in Vancouver, and visit with local celebrities such as Mary Zilba, Rosemary Siemens, Meena Mann, and more!

I should mention that we were on a very tight schedule. The director behind the camera thought that having the host ‘rush’ Mr. Fazioli a little would add to the ‘entertainment’ value of this clip, even though it might come off as a little ‘rude’. Cutting short some unscheduled playing to make sure our visits are all on time shows respect for the clients, which Mr. Fazioli will agree, is more important that casual playing.

Showcase Pianos is the exclusive dealer for Fazioli Pianos in BC! Visit us on W Broadway in Vancouver or in Richmond’s beautiful Aberdeen Centre!

Beautiful Fazioli Piano & Suite in Vancouver’s Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel

VANCOUVER, BC – Famed Italian piano maker Paolo Fazioli visits the new Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel in Vancouver. Mr. Fazioli was honoured to have a suite named after him in the hotel that showcases different aspects of the construction of the custom made $225,000 satin white Fazioli piano that is the centre-peice of their lobby.

Paolo Fazioli on CTV News at Showcase Pianos in Vancouver

2008 Jan 15 – Vancouver, BC – CTV’s David Kincaid interviews piano maker Paolo Fazioli at Showcase Pianos. The highly acclaimed Fazioli piano has become widely regarded as the finest piano available in the world today.

CBC’s The National Interviews Paolo Fazioli and Angela Hewitt

2009 Jan 22 – CBC’s the National interviews Italian piano maker Paolo Fazioli and Canadian Pianist Angela Hewitt

New Fazioli Grand Piano arrives to Shangri-La Hotel, and beautiful M. Liminal art case arrives at Showcase Pianos on Broadway in Vancouver. The case was designed by architect Philippe Gendre of NYT Line in France.

Also includes interview with Robert Silverman

The Showcase Pianos | Fazioli Experience

Showcase Pianos owner Manuel Bernaschek talks about the ‘Fazioli Experience’ – what makes investing in an Italian Fazioli piano an experience that is ‘a cut above the rest’?

Features clips of performances by Pianist Michael Onwood, Sopranos Sarah Tatto and Jamie Onwood, Violinst Li-Ling Liao, and Cellist Brian Mix.

BC Global TV: Angela Hewitt on a FAZIOLI at Showcase Pianos

Angela Hewitt introduces the world’s greatest piano – a FAZIOLI, hand made in Italy at the all new ‘Showcase Pianos’ store on Broadway Vancouver.

CityTV Edmonton has a look at a new Fazioli Piano

2009 April 3: For the first time in history, a rare Italian Fazioli piano arrives into Edmonton. It is the third Fazioli in all of Alberta. They are considered to be the ‘Stradivarius’ of pianos, and now widely regarded as the finest pianos in the world.

City TV’s Amanda Ferguson interviews Showcase Pianos owner Manuel Bernaschek, international concert pianist Boris Konovalov, and Edmonton Symphony Orchestra piano technician Doug Shafer.

The Story of the Fairmont Pacific Rim’s new white Fazioli piano

VANCOUVER, BC Enjoy interviews with world renowned piano maker Paolo Fazioli, award winning architect Michelle Biggar, international concert pianist Angela Hewitt, and the general manager of all new Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel Randy Zupanski.

The new white Fazioli is now in its permanent location in the lobby of Vancouver’s new Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel. The piano was commissioned by the hotel’s owner for design by award winning BC architects McFarlane + Green + Biggar.

The $225,000 Fazioli piano in satin white features a stunning 3D design underneath the lid, has many parts plated in 18K gold, and will be a permanent centerpiece of the hotel lobby.

Founder Paolo Fazioli travelled from Italy to personally unveil the one-of-a-kind white piano at a media event for the piano at the new Showcase Pianos Fazioli store in Richmond’s Aberdeen Centre. The video also features performances by Tim Zhang, Scott Xiao, Spencer Zezulka, and duo Michael & Jamie Onwood.

People Uncut Interviews VSO’s Linda Lee Thomas (Excerpts)

People Uncut interviews VSO pianist Linda Lee Thomas about her passions and motivations, and her love of the Fazioli Piano.

CTV’s David Kincaid interviews Tim Zhang at rare Italian Fazioli Piano

2008 Apr 14 CTV’s David Kincaid interviews 14-year-old prodigy Tim Zhang at a Fazioli Piano in a rare Pyramid Mahogany finish.

The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra’s principal pianist Linda Lee Thomas is interviewed and so is piano teacher Dr. Sasha Starcevich.


The Great Pianist/Musician/Composer Aleph performed on a Fazioli Piano on loan from Showcase Pianos at The Vogue Theatre, in City of Vancouver in May, and I had a chance to tour him around and show him the incredible Fazioli pianos commissioned by the incredible Canadian property developer Westbank!