Concertino Grotrian (52")

Concertino Grotrian (52″)

It takes centuries of tradition and constant refinement in the piano-making craft to produce an instrument with such magnificent acoustic properties. The Concertino looks like an upright, but sounds like a grand piano.

Weight: 295 kg
Dimensions: 52″x63″x26.5″ or 132cm x 157cm x 66cm
Available Finishes: Polished Ebony


  • Star back frame
  • 12 Spruce ribs
  • Spruce soundboard
  • Laminated beech pinblocks
  • Abel hammers
  • Renner action
  • Strunz soundboard
  • Delignit pinblock
  • Traditional cast iron plate
  • Vertically laminated beech bridges with maple cap
  • Roeslau strings
  • Grotrian bass strings
  • “Ivoplast” keytops
  • 5 Year warranty


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