New Store & Music Academy Now Open on Broadway

VANCOUVER, BC - Ten years after opening their original location on West Broadway, Showcase Pianos opens their biggest location yet!   After the success of their Music Academy in Aberdeen Centre, Showcase Pianos has expanded its education division into Vancouver.

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Fantastic Results for Fazioli piano at “Halina-Czerny Stefańska” International Piano Competition

POZNAN, POLAND – On Saturday the 23rd of September the “Halina-Czerny Stefańska” (in memoriam) International Piano Competition entered the final round at the ‘Aula Nova" concert hall in Poznań. The first and third prizewinners Krzysztof Książek and Michał Dziewior chose to perform on the Fazioli piano.

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All Finalists at Scottish Piano Competition Choose Fazioli

GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - On Sunday the 10th of September 2017, the Scottish International Piano Competition went into the final round. Competitors could choose between Fazioli, Steinway, and Bosendorfer, and we are please to share with you that all 3 finalists chose to perform onthe Fazioli.

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Winners at 2017 Rubinstein Competition Chose FAZIOLI

TEL AVIV - On Thursday the 11th of May, the first prize of the 2017 Rubinstein International Piano Competition was awarded to Szymon Nehring, and the second prize to Daniel Ciobanu. Both had chosen the Fazioli piano for performance on all stages of the competition.

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Louis Lortie Performs Solo Recital on Fazioli

VANCOUVER, BC - On Tuesday the 9th of May, one of the greatest concert pianists in the world was invited by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra to perform a solo recital at the Orpheum Theatre.

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Canucks Autism Network Foundation REVEAL Gala

VANCOUVER, BC - On Saturday the 6th of May, 2017, the 'Reveal' Gala was created to make people feel like they had just stepped into Venice, Italy.

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Canada's 1st Stefano Ricci Store Now Open

VANCOUVER, BC - Located across the street from the Shangri-La and next to the new Trump Tower, passers by can see the new 'Stefano Ricci' store at 1139 West Georgia Street.

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Fazioli Supports Fundraiser, Children's Hospital Raises $2.5m

VANCOUVER, BC - Saturday the 21st of January was truly a memorable night as the city came together to raise money for much needed machines at the BC Children's Hospital.

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Fazioli at Opening of North America's first Moissonnier Showroom

VANCOUVER, BC - On Tuesday the 22nd of November, French furniture brand Moissonnier opened its very first location in North America. Since 1885, the French cabinetmaker has been at the forefront of the traditional style married with an avant-garde aesthetic.

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Fazioli at Vancouver's Power 50 Event

VANCOUVER, BC - On Monday the 14th of November, the Vancouver Club hosted the annual celebration of the 50 most powerful people in the city.

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New Art on Display at Showcase Academy

RICHMOND, BC - Showcase Pianos commissioned a work by talented Granville Island artist Natalia Vetrova for the large classroom at Showcase Academy inside the Aberdeen Centre location of Showcase Pianos.

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Showcase Pianos honoured at Fazioli Biennial Dealer Meeting

SACILE, ITALY - The Fazioli Factory had undergone an expansion during recent years, and skipped the Biennial dealer meeting 2 years ago. In November of 2016, the worldwide dealer network for Fazioli pianos was invited to come to visit the newly expanded factory and hosted a dealer meeting.

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Fazioli at BC's Nature Trust Fundraiser Gala

VANCOUVER, BC - On Wednesday the 5th of October, Showcase Pianos sponsored the Fazioli piano for the Nature Trust of BC's Fundraiser Gala, which celebrated 45 years of land conservation.

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Stefano Ricci Vancouver Opening in Fall of 2016

VANCOUVER, BC - Pick up a copy of Montecristo Magazine's latest issue. The cover article tells you about someone who is creating clothing that is "The Apex of Men's Fashion: Stefano Ricci".

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Ray Zhang pays Fazioli for unveiling of Bugatti Chiron

VANCOUVER, BC - On Wednesday the 7th of September, Showcase Pianos was invited to send a hand made Italian Fazioli piano to the unveiling of the incredible Bugatti Chiron - the most powerful car being made in the world today.

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Fazioli at unveiling of Bentley's new extended Mulsanne

VANCOUVER, BC - On the evening of Thursday the 21st of July, Dilawri Canada (MCL Motors) unveiled the Bentley's new Extended Wheel Base Mulsanne. The automobile is the 'crown jewel' of the brand, and is truly a beautiful work of art and an incredible piece of engineering.

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Fazioli is the Winner's Choice

DRUMMONDVILLE, QC - On Sunday the 3rd of July, Fazioli owners Ray Zhang and Isabelle Xin-Yi Wang competed in the final round of the CMC Music Competition, and placed 1st and 3rd respectively.

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Calgary Periodontist Wins Cliburn Amateur Piano Competition

FORT WORTH, TEXAS - On Saturday the 25th of June, Calgary Periodontist and Fazioli owner Thomas Yu performed in the final round of the 2016 Cliburn Amateur Competition.

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Article about Pianos in the ‘Economist’

Find out why many pianists are no longer choosing ‘the usual’ brand, and what they are choosing instead!

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Fazioli supports Children's Wish evening at FMOV

VANCOUVER, BC - On the evening of Thursday the 12th of May, an Italian-made Fazioli F212 piano was brought from Showcase Pianos to the Ferrari / Maserati store in support of the Children's Wish Foundation of Canada in support of Nick's Wish.

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Cocktails & Jets with Fazioli

VANCOUVER, BC - On Monday the Air Sprint releases their new Legacy 450 Jet. Incredibly beautiful inside and out, and a great concept for Vancouverites. Fractional ownership - like the Uber of private jets!

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Edmond Leung 梁漢文 performs on Fazioli, Raises $50k for Charity

VANCOUVER, BC - On Saturday the 30th of April 2016, Hong-Kong superstar Edmond Leung borrowed a Fazioli from Showcase Pianos to perform a concert to raise money for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

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Aretha Franklin Sings "Purple Rain" on Fazioli at White House

WASHINGTON, DC - On Saturday the 30th of April 2016, President Obama welcomed Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Esperanza Spalding, Terrace Martin, Robert Glasper, jazz icons along with Morgan Freeman, Dame Helen Mirren and others to the White House's International Jazz Day celebration.

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CTV News: “$150,000 pianos selling like crazy in Metro Vancouver”

CTV News BC - Ross McLaughlin and Lisa Green, CTV Vancouver

Luxury cars, fashion and real estate are all the norm in Metro Vancouver. Now Vancouver is the number one seller of a piano so expensive most of us could never afford it. It’s the Fazioli, starting at about $150,000.

More were sold here in 2015 than the whole United States, all of Germany and all of China.

There’s a lot of money in Vancouver and talent as well, like eight-year-old XinYi Wang, whose parents bought her a $190,000 Fazioli to play. Now she needs no encouragement to practice. In just four years XinYi has mastered the instrument and won awards. Her picture sits on display in the show room of Showcase Pianos in Richmond. Click here for more ...

Vancouver has become the World's Top Market for Fazioli Pianos

VANCOUVER, BC – Due to the unmatched quality of materials and workmanship, the Italian ‘Fazioli’ is regarded as being the costliest brand of pianos being produced in the world today. In the 2015 calendar year, more Fazioli pianos were sold in Vancouver than anywhere else in the world. Click here for more ...

Bechstein's 160th Anniversary

Carl Bechstein set out to manufacture a piano able to withstand the great demands imposed on the instrument by the virtuosi of the time, such as Franz Liszt. In 1857, Liszt’s son-in-law, Hans von Bulow, gave the first public performance on a Bechstein grand piano by performing Liszt's Piano Sonata in B minor in Berlin.

For over 160 years, Bechstein pianos have held a reputation as among the finest pianos in the world, competing with Bösendorfer and Steinway in construction, performance and tonal quality. The great composers Liszt, Wagner, Brahms, Debussy, and many others remarked on the marvelous tone they produced. Click here for more ...

Fazioli Experience Gives Boost to VGH Gala

VANCOUVER, BC - On Saturday the 13th of February, the World's Only 24k Gold Leaf Fazioli was moved from the Showcase Pianos showroom in Richmond to the stage of the 'De Beers Time To Shine' Fundraiser at the Fairmont Pacific Rim. The event raised $1.7m for the Vancouver General Hospital in just one evening. Click here for more ...

Vancouver Artist Unveils Painting for World's Only 24k Gold Leaf Fazioli

RICHMOND, BC – Local artist Michael Abraham has been described as “Canada’s artistic genius, representing the best of the contemporary scene”. Vancouver’s music lovers will recognize his works as it has appeared in the VSO’s Allegro Magazine, and in the promotional material for the Vancouver Opera’s 2008/09 season. Click here for more ...

Ivanka Trump visits the Trump Luxe Event in Vancouver

VANCOUVER, BC - Wednesday the 21st of October, 2015 is known by some as 'Back to the Future Day', due to the fact that it was the 'future' date traveled to in the 1989 film 'Back to the Future II'. Although no one rode in a futuristic time-machine, Ivanka Trump, the daughter of Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, traveled in a beautiful private jet from her home in the US to arrive 'in style' at the Trump Luxe Event held at London Air Centre. Appropriately, Showcase Pianos brought the World's Only 24k Gold Leaf Fazioli F228 to the event and arranged for pianists Sunny, JayJay, and XinYi Wang to perform for the appreciative and well-heeled spectators. Click here for more ...

First Fazioli Arrives in Winnipeg

WINNIPEG, MB - Most people have never heard of piano brand ‘Fazioli’ before, but for a pianist – it’s like hearing the name ‘Ferrari’, or ‘Lamborghini’. Today they have come to be regarded as being the finest pianos ever made – and this is the first one ever to come to Winnipeg. Click here for more ...

Malcolm Hasman lists PH at Harbour Green 2

VANCOUVER, BC - The Penthouse at Harbour Green 2 is one of the most desired addresses in the city, and now available for purchase at just less than $20 million. Click here for more ...

Celebrating the opening of 745 Thurlow with Fazioli

VANCOUVER, BC - MCM Celebrates it's 50th Anniversary at the same time as the new building at 745 Thurlow opens it's doors. MCM is the architect firm behind many Vancouver landmarks including Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver Aquarium, all of the Bentall buildings, Terminal City Club, and many more.

The all new 745 Thurlow which belongs to Bentall Kennedy, and at the retail level, it will be the new home of Versace and Brunello Cucinelli. Click here for more ...

Luca Buratto wins Honen's Competition playing Fazioli Piano

CALGARY, AB - On Friday the 11th of September, 2015, Italian pianist Luca Buratto performed the final round of the Honen's Comepitition on the Fazioli F278 Concert Grand and was announced the winner, receiving $100,000 in cash, and a $500,000 investment into his career! Click here for more ...

Pianos: Beyond the Steinway monoculture

“One in 30 Steinways are good. And you have other piano brands that are actually kind of changing the game. There’s the exclusive Fazioli, a still-new piano (established in 1981) emerging as a favorite of some world-famous artists."

“If I could have any piano I wanted,” Calderazzo says, “Steinway would probably be six or seven on the list.”

“No matter what, [most performers] will forgive the Steinway. People are not listening as freely and honestly as they could.” Click here for more ...

Vancouver's Most Visible Grand Piano

VANCOUVER, BC - Renowned Vancouver architect Gregory Henriquez tells the story of the creation of the city's newest high-profile art case piano: The Fazioli in the beautiful new lobby of the Telus Gardens building. Click here for more ...

Herbie Hancock & Chick Corea in Vancouver

VANCOUVER, BC - On Sunday the 15th of March jazz legends Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea performed together at the beautiful Chan Centre at UBC. Herbie Hancock performed on the incredible Fazioli F278 Concert Grand - a piano that has truly changed the piano world since its creation in 1980. Click here for more ...

Angela Hewitt performs on Fazioli with VSO

VANCOUVER, BC – On Saturday the 9th of May, the world’s leading Bach pianist Angela Hewitt came to Vancouver to perform 3 concerts with the VSO before moving on to Victoria. Recognized around the globe as being the top Canadian pianist, Hewitt performed for a full house at the Orpheum Theatre on all 3 days. Having a very high standard for her own performances, Angela Hewitt requires a Fazioli piano for all of her performance. Angela Hewitt has purchased a Fazioli piano in each one of her homes in Italy, England, and Canada and believes that they are the most ‘creative’ piano being made in the world today, since it allows the greatest expression of any piano. At the end of her performance on Monday night, local Young Fazioli Artists Ray Zhang and Isabelle XinYi Wang presented her with a big bouquet of flowers. Click here for more ...

Lift the Children Fundraiser Gala

VANCOUVER, BC - On Thursday the 23rd of April 2015 the Lift the Children Gala raised nearly a million dollars for some of the poorest children in the world. Deepak Chopra was the guest of honour and spoke about deep universal matters to all guests. Click here for more ...

2 out of 3 finalists on Fazioli at Chopin Competition USA

MIAMI, FL - On Sunday the 1st of March, 2015 it was announced that Eric Lu and Rachel Kudo (below) placed first and second at the 2015 Chopin Competition USA. Both played a Fazioli F278 concert grand during the competition, which had its final round this pas weekend. Click here for more ...

24 Hours with Mr. Fazioli

VANCOUVER, BC - Fazioli Pianoforti founder Mr. Paolo Fazioli visits Vancouver for 24 hours on Tuesday the 27th of January, 2015 - coming here after his yearly visit to the NAMM Show in Los Angeles.

Follow Showcase Pianos owner Manuel Bernaschek as he picks up Mr. Fazioli in a special Rolls-Royce Ghost that was arranged for Mr. Fazioli's visit as he is taken to customer homes, media interviews, and a reception in his honour. Click here for more ...

Fazioli Pianoforti Founder Paolo Fazioli Visits Vancouver

VANCOUVER, BC - After making his annual appearance at the world famous NAMM Show in California, Paolo Fazioli visited Vancouver Canada. Fazioli is the founder of the piano factory in Italy that bears his name. Click here for more ...

Most Expensive Rolls-Royce to ever come to Canada

VANCOUVER, BC - On Thursday the 18th of December, Rolls-Royce of Vancouver unveiled the Pinnacle Travel Phantom, one of only 2 in North America, and only 15 in the world. Click here for more ...

Lamborghini unveils new 'Huracán'

VANCOUVER, BC - On Thursday the 23rd of October 2014, Lamborghini Vancouver invited local automotive 'gear heads' to attend the unveiling of the all new Huracán. The new model replaces the Gallardo, which was a worldwide best seller for the company. Click here for more ...

"It's been my lifelong dream to play a Fazioli"

VANCOUVER, BC - On the evening of Friday the 20th of September, the Vancouver Chapter of the Sunshine Foundation held a fundraiser dinner at the Pan Pacific Hotel. The organization raises money to bring disabled children on a trip to visit Disneyland. Click here for more ...

Bugatti, London Air Private Jets, Ulysse Nardin Watches, and a Golden Fazioli

RICHMOND, BC - On the evening of Tuesday the 16th of September, VIPs from all over BC were invited to a very special evening at the London Aviation Centre near the airport's south terminal. Click here for more ...

5 of 6 finalists play Fazioli at Rubinstein International Piano Competition

TEL AVIV, ISREAL - On Wednesday the 28th of May, 2014 competitors entered the final round of the Arthur Rubinstein International Piano Competition in Tel Aviv. Click here for more ...

Scott Adolph shoots Gold Fazioli with Musicians at Lloyd Bruce Home

VANCOUVER, BC - In April of 2014 local photographer Scott Adolph of Sculptures of Light Photography did a photoshoot with the world's only 24k Gold Leaf Fazioli that is at the beautiful Lloyd Bruce Home furniture store in Coal Harbour. Click here for more ...

Private viewing at Gwerk, featuring performance on Fazioli by VYPC
VANCOUVER, BC - On Saturday the 10th of May, Fazioli and Bentley owners and their VIP guests were invited to visit the Gwerk Gallery, which is the future site of the amazing new Vancouver House building. Click here for more ...

Canada's leading soprano Isabel Bayrakdarian

VANCOUVER, BC - Grammy nominated Canadian-Armenian Soprano Isabel Bayrakdarian has won 4 consecutive Junos and wowed the sold out fundraiser arranged by Peter Wall in the ballroom at the Sheraton Wall Centre Hotel on Tuesday the 13th of May, 2014. Click here for more ...

FAZIOLI Takes Centre Stage at Fashion Week

VANCOUVER, BC - A Fazioli Concert Grand was the sexiest piano in the room at the Opening VIP Gala of the Vancouver Fashion Week. Pianist duo Clare Yuan and Scott Meek performed some beautiful pieces for the appreciative audience. The show featured some beautiful work by such great designers as Grandy Chu of Grandi's Atelier.

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Private FAZIOLI Reception with Louis Lortie

VANCOUVER, BC - One of Canada’s all-time favourite artists, Louis Lortie played Chopin’s beautiful, romantic First Piano Concerto, in a concert that also featured Canadian composer Dorothy Chang, and the Finlandia-like, Nordic landscapes of Sibelius’s Symphony No. 1.

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Roy & Rosemary performs for Fazioli guests at Fairmont Pacific Rim

VANCOUVER, BC - On Sunday the 26th of January, the violin and piano duo Roy & Rosemary took to the stage at the Fairmont Pacific Rim lobby lounge where Bentley and Lamborghini owners were invited to enjoy a private performance featuring the Stradivari Ensemble.

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VIDEO: Vancouver Architect Ernest Collins designs case of largest piano to ever come to BC!

VANCOUVER, BC - Local architect Ernest Collins, together with his wife and professional artist/designer Grace Gordon-Collins, designed the art case of the first Fazioli F308 to arrive in BC. The model F308 is completely made in Italy and is 10 feet 3 inches long, making it the longest production piano in the world.

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Ryan & Ray perform on Fazioli for BC's Premier

RICHMOND, BC - On Thursday the 7th of November, Showcase Pianos was happy to loan a Fazioli piano for a Fundraising Gala held at the Continental Seafood Restaurant in Richmond, B.C.

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Rare Italian FAZIOLI goes on tour with Award Winning Bergmann Duo

VANCOUVER, BC - Vancouver's very own Bergmann Piano Duo, Elizabeth and Marcel Bergmann, are on tour around British Columbia and Alberta during October and November with a FAZIOLI and a Grotrian, two beautiful European grand pianos from Showcase Pianos.

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Business of the Year Award!

VANCOUVER, BC - What do you want to do when you grow up? Maybe… be recognized for the best business ever? Showcase Pianos has been nominated for best business of the year by West Side Business Awards from the Kitsilano Chamber of Commerce.

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Congratulations to Tristan Teo!

VANCOUVER, BC - As a luxury piano store Showcase Pianos is placed in the advantageous position of meeting many talented young musicians. One such visionary is our very own artist in residence Tristan Teo.

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Teresa Carpio in Concert with Fazioli

VANCOUVER, BC - On Saturday the 21st of September Hong Kong Pop superstar and Asia's 'Queen of Song' Teresa Carpio blew Vancouverites away with her amazing voice as she performed along side talented pianist Bill Sample at the keys of the Fazioli F278 Concert Grand Piano.

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Ryan Wang & Ray Zhang perform at Fazioli Concert Hall, tour piano factory

VENICE, ITALY - Five year old Ryan Wang and six year old Ray Zhang traveled to the Fazioli piano factory in Italy this summer to perform at the Fazioli Concert Hall. Forming part of the entourage of the 2 boys were their two mothers, their piano teacher FaFan Xiao and her husband Don, two of Vancouver's best videographers - Guy Roland and Dave Hamilton, and also myself.

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5-year old West Vancouver Prodigy Ryan Wang Plays Fazioli on Ellen Show

WEST VANCOUVER, BC - Ryan Wang is the five year old student of FaFan Piano Studio in Vancouver, and on Monday the 27th of May, 2013 he appeared on Ellen TV. The talk show is hosted by Emmy award winning comedian and actress Ellen DeGeneres.

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YuJa Wang Performs on Fazioli

SACILE, ITALY - On Friday the 3rd of May, 2013 international concert pianist YuJa Wang performed at the Fazioli Concert Hall in Sacile, Italy.

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Did pop superstar Wanting Qu 曲婉婷 blow up a $280,000 Fazioli in her new MV?

VANCOUVER, BC - A new video by Chinese-Canadian pop superstar Wanting Qu features a $280,000 Fazioli concert grand piano that appears to spontaneously catch on fire and explode. The video was filmed in Vancouver and premiered on on Thursday the 2nd of May, 2013.

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Local Mini-Celebrity Ryan Wang to Perform at Kay Meek Centre

WEST VANCOUVER, BC - At 5 years old, pianist Ryan Wang has received more publicity than many pianists receive in their whole life. In the last two months, not only has Wang been interviewed by CBC's "The National", Global TV, the Vancouver Sun, and SingTao Daily - but he has also had the great privilege of performing at the illustrious Carnegie Hall.

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TORONTO, ON – On Friday the 5th of April, world renowned Italian piano maker Paolo Fazioli made a pit-stop in Toronto to dedicate a one-of-a-kind Fazioli piano custom made for the Shangri-La Hotel. Professional pianists consider this brand to be the "crème-de-la-crème" of the piano world, and only a handful of Faziolis have made it to the greater Toronto area.

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Fazioli Article in Vancouver Magazine

VANCOUVER, BC - Be sure to pick up the April 2013 issue of Vancouver Magazine where legendary writer Malcolm Parry was invited to pick up his pen once again for the iconic publication. It has been 2 years since Mac has written a word for the magazine, so his return was made more special when he was asked to interview Italian pianomaker Paolo Fazioli.

Part of the article focuses on the 50th Fazioli to sell at Showcase Pianos - a special half-million dollar concert grand with a case designed by Vancouver architect Ernest Collins.

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Linda Lee Thomas releases new CD: "Tango Con Fazioli"

VANCOUVER, BC - Linda Lee Thomas is a name that every Vancouverite knows - she has been the principal pianist of the VSO since 1972. She has something common with Showcase Pianos owner Manuel Bernaschek: They both love Fazioli pianos. In February of 2013 she released her new CD: "Tango Con Fazioli".

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Whistler's Pique Magazine Interviews Paolo Fazioli

WHISTLER, BC - On Tuesday the 29th of January the founder and owner of the Fazioli Piano factory near Venice Italy visited a home Whistler. Pique News Magazine Arts writer Alyssa Noel came out to meet him and take a photo of him by a Fazioli piano.

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Hong Kong Superstar Anthony Lun performs on Fazioli for Chi Heng Foundation

VANCOUVER, BC - On Thursday the 18th of October Hong Kong Superstar Anthony Lun came to Vancouver to support the Chi Heng Foundation's annual fundraiser by playing on a beautiful white Fazioli F183 that was handmade in Italy.

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Lloyd & Bruce's Furniture Opens Exclusive "FENDI Casa"

VANCOUVER, BC - Having only 2 dealers of 'FENDI Casa' furniture in North America means that Vancouverites are privileged to have one of them in their own back yard. Lloyd & Bruce's furniture is located in Coal Harbour, in the walkway that is just 200 paces from the well-known Cardero's Restaurant.

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FMOV prepares for Luxury Supercar Weekend

VANCOUVER, BC - As local car enthusiasts prepared to attend the Luxury Supercar Weekend, a group of special guests were invited to preview the rare Ferraris at FMOV on Burrard. Jazz pro Max Zipursky and his band kept the crowd entertained, and during their break amazing soprano Sarah Tatto blew everyone away with her incredible voice and was accompanied by concert pianist WenWen Du.

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First time in Canada: Fazioli "Marco Polo" Art Case

RICHMOND, BC - The $189,000 piano was flown to Vancouver yesterday in a crate that has sensors on it to ensure its safety. The "Marco Polo" is a bright red grand piano that is 7-feet long and has a beautiful work of art hand-painted under the lid. It is only on display for only two days before being delivered to the family that ordered it.

The piano was custom made in Italy by Fazioli - a company known for its meticulous attention to detail. Made by hand and requiring over 3 years of man hours, the rare Italian instruments are considered to be the 'crème-de-la-crème' of pianos.

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