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The H10MG is offering a naturalness performance thanks to the exclusive Wooden-Plastic Hybrid Keyboard with gradual weighing, escapements, “ivory-ebony feel finish”, 3 contacts, and key by key calibration!

The “staccato resonances”, “sympathetic resonances”, “hammer noise”, “88 resonances” of the strings when the Damper pedal is pressed are all aspects of the acoustic piano reproduced thanks to the innovative “True To Life (T2L) ” technology.

The powerful dynamic excursion, from the real “pianissimo” to the “fortissimo” is achieved thanks to the 24 bits linear and 48KHz offering a definition 256 times greater compared to all other products working at 16 bits and 44.1 KHz.

With the unlimited polyphony it’s possible to play at 4 hands, with the Damper pedal pressed, using all the notes you need.

The H10 MG is offering on board 3 of the amazing PLATINUM SOUND library: the Italian Grand Piano, the US Grand Piano and the Electric Piano 70’s together with other 119 high quality sounds.

With the simple use of a USB pen drive, it is easy to load new sounds or change them all never losing the factory ones. The free downloadable library sound (on can be loaded into the internal memory of 3.2 GB.

15 loudspeakers, a soundboard built in Italy in “Val Di Fiemme”, 4 DSPs and 4 amplifiers guarantee a perfect sound diffusion at 360 degrees like with a real grand piano,