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PREMIUM: The all-new Dexibell digital piano series is handmade in Italy and available in two design options (mini-grand and console upright). The VIVO H10 technology offers the world’s most advanced engineering and design including the most powerful computer processor, exclusive hybrid wood and ebony/ivory feel hammer-action keyboard with escapement, 3.2 gb of onboard memory featuring select piano sounds from Dexibell’s industry leading high-definition PLATINUM piano sound library, UNLIMITED POLYPHONY, a MICROPHONE input with independent volume and vocal effects, and the most sophisticated and elegant speaker system.
VIVO H10 MG, the Dexibell VIVO Mini Grand Piano.
VIVO H10 console version offers the identical sounds and features of the VIVO H10 MG, in a compact upright design.

HOME: VIVO Home pianos match the incredible sound quality perfectly with a beautiful and unique design.
We have an idea: buck the trend that sees digital pianos as fake copies of acoustic pianos and create a piano with a distinct soul and a superb unique design.

We crafted the best aesthetics for the best technology.

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