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Since releasing the world’s first touch-sensitive electronic piano in 1974, Roland’s goal has been to create the ultimate piano experience. Today, we have a range of instruments that lead the way in design, touch and sound, supported by superior digital technology that elevates the piano playing experience for musicians at any level.

Classic or modern, perfectly balanced

Roland pianos are designed to complement the way you live, with beautiful cabinets in a variety of styles from classical elegance to modern statements. As well as being beautiful to behold, our pianos are easy to use too, thanks to an abundance of thoughtful touches designed to enhance your piano-playing enjoyment.

Touch that inspires

Every pianist has their own unique touch on the instrument – and when you sit down at a Roland digital piano, your individuality shines through. Our state-of-the-art keyboards and pedals respond faithfully to your signature style and help to bring out the personality in your playing. So whether you’re performing fast or slow piano pieces that demand full-blown passion or quiet sensitivity, you’ll enjoy a level of expression that keeps you inspired.

A sound that moves you

When playing the piano, the sound should inspire you. This simple truth means that Roland pianos create sound differently to other pianos. We use a combination of our own unique technologies to achieve unprecedented realism for both the player and audience. Play a Roland piano and then try others – the difference may surprise you.

A piano. And a whole lot more.

Roland pianos blend classic styling and authentic sound with digital touches that make life easier for musicians. Plug in headphones and practice whenever it suits you. Avoid ongoing costs as your Roland piano never needs maintenance or tuning. Speed up your learning with wireless connectivity, streaming music from your smartphone to the piano speakers and then playing along. Or get inspired by additional sounds including electric pianos, organs, harpsichord and strings.

A piano that helps you improve

Learning piano is faster and more fun on Roland’s digital instruments. Onboard tutorial features across our range include a metronome to perfect your timing, a recorder for instant playback and self-appraisal, plus the twin piano mode that lets two students sit together and play in the same register. Plus, with wireless connectivity giving you access to online tutorials and apps like Piano Every Day, it’s never been easier to keep yourself engaged and improving.


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