World premiere: the C. Bechstein salon grand in bird’s eye maple

The C. Bechstein bird’s eye maple grand is a sensation. The cast-iron plate with a traditional design is gilt in fine gold leaf, as are the music rack, the lid prop and the lateral beadings.

Dream touch and magic sound

The C. Bechstein bird’s eye maple grand not only boasts an enticing beauty, but also a sumptuous sound and a wonderful touch. Under its fine skin beats the heart of an authentic C. Bechstein B 212 concert grand, an instrument with a dream touch and noble, transparent and colorful voice.

Reaching the unattainable

Just as a great pianist can interpret and make full use of the sound potential of a concert grand, C. Bechstein can make high-end special models that fulfill even the most demanding design requirements. Customers with exclusive ideas as to how a prestigious grand piano can be incorporated into their private living space particularly appreciate this service. C. Bechstein is the only piano manufacturer in the world with the comprehensive expertise required to make instruments that embody such a high degree of excellent craftsmanship.


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