W. Hoffmann V 112 (45")

W. Hoffmann V 112 (45″)

A quality, sturdy and affordable upright developed by C. Bechstein Europe, the V 112 is more than just a piano for beginners.

A few words on the origin of this successful model: it’s produced by C. Bechstein Europe, a subsidiary of C. Bechstein Germany, the largest European manufacturer of quality pianos. What makes the production site so special is its size, state-of-the-art equipment and excellent working conditions. The company’s highly skilled wood, metal and finishing specialists take great pride in their work – and rightly so. The same goes for the action and voicing specialists, who add a personal touch to every single instrument.

Dimensions:   H 113 / 44.5” ×  W 151 / 59.4” ×  D 56 / 22”
Weight:   220 / 485 kg
Available Finishes: Polished Ebony, White, Mahogany or Walnut


  • Solid medium-hard conifer wood back posts
  • Spruce core soundboard
  • Spruce ribs
  • Hardwood bridges
  • Laminated hardwood pinblock
  • European steel strings
  • MDF cabinet panels and solid conifer wood
  • Hammer heads with English sheep felt


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