International Dealer Meeting at the Fazioli Piano Factory

London’s famous ‘Connaught Hotel’:

Fazioli Piano factory in Sacile, one hour north of Venice.
Ing. Paolo Fazioli speaks to dealers in Fazioli Concert Hall
about this years numbers: Fazioli’s market share and
production continue to climb.
Luca Fazioli, 20 year old son of Mr. Fazioli
New showroom to be built beside factory. Chinese-Italian Concert
Pianist Jin Ju performs a stirring concert for the dealers.
Mr. Fazioli points out the Amboina wood, telling the group
that it’s the rarest wood in the world. Two are in currently in
production at the moment, the one here is destined for Vancouver.
We asked to see the Shangri-La Hotel’s Piano. Samples of the lobby’s wood
had been couriered to the factory so they could match the inside of the rim
perfectly. I had been so camera happy that by this point I had run out of
batteries. These two photos were taken on my Blackberry. The piano was
just coming out of the room where they apply the black paint to the case.
Judy with the M. Liminal piano – the beautiful piano designed by Philippe Gendre of NYT Line in France, and a short video clip of the fall-board closing on the same piano. Notice the part behind the fall-board also moves to a new position when the piano is closed.
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