Showcase Pianos adds affordable Knabe brand to line-up

locations of Showcase Pianos will now sell Knabe upright and grand pianos which
start at $3,998.  Previously, the most
affordable upright available at Showcase Pianos was priced at $8,998.   Yana Levkovich, the newly appointed piano department
manager, says of the new line: “We took our time to search for a good
quality entry level brand.  Our
technician reported to us that he was very pleased with them.   We feel it’s an excellent addition to our
line up, and we’ve had excellent response from buyers already.”
Showcase Pianos not only welcomes trade-ins, but also has
one of the best “Trade-Up” programs in the city.  Buyers can get 100% money back when they
‘trade-up’ their purchase to something double the price or more – even if the
next piano is a used piano or on sale!
Learn more about Knabe here:

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