Vancouver Artist Unveils Painting for World’s Only 24k Gold Leaf Fazioli

RICHMOND, BC – Local artist Michael Abraham has been described as “Canada’s artistic genius, representing the best of the contemporary scene”.   Vancouver’s music lovers will recognize his works as it has appeared in the VSO’s Allegro Magazine, and in the promotional material for the Vancouver Opera’s 2008/09 season.   
Abraham has been commissioned to put his paint brush to the canvass for music yet again, but this time it’s not to help sell opera tickets.   Showcase Pianos store owner Manuel Bernaschek commissioned Abraham to make a unique painting to go with a unique piano:  The world’s only 24k Gold Leaf Fazioli grand piano, priced at just over half-a-million dollars.
Excited to create some attention for the piano, Bernaschek says the one of a kind painting will be a gift to whoever buys the 24k Gold Leaf Fazioli.   “The piano is unique and also a fine work of art.   It will truly be a stunningly beautiful centerpiece for someone’s home, so it’s appropriate that we have a painting to go with it.”

Special performances on the piano were done by visiting Swedish pianist Carl Petersson and local 8 year old prodigy Isabelle Xin-Yi Wang.
Biography for Michael Abraham:  

A total number of 195 limited edition signed prints have been made by the artist and are available for sale at: 

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