Fazioli at unveiling of Bentley’s new extended Mulsanne

VANCOUVER, BC – On the evening of Thursday the 21st of July, Dilawri Canada (MCL Motors) unveiled the Bentley’s new Extended Wheel Base Mulsanne.   The automobile is the ‘crown jewel’ of the brand, and is truly a beautiful work of art and an incredible piece of engineering.  
Only 25 will make it to the USA, making the automobile and the event a rare opportunity for guests to view it.
It is no wonder then that Showcase Pianos was invited to bring a hand-made Fazioli piano to the special event at the Waterfall Building, where Vancouver’s most talented jazz pianist Max Zipursky played on it for the appreciative guests, while amazing vocalist Dawn Narai blessed the airwaves with the sound of her voice.  
Photos by the very skilled Scott Adolph of Sculptures of Light Photography.

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