Local talent featured in new Fazioli ad campaign

VANCOUVER, BC – Almost everyone has heard of a Fazioli.   For those that haven’t, it’s the handmade Italian piano that is shaking up the age old piano-making industry.   In Vancouver, more than a few people have traded in their old Steinways to get a new Fazioli.

Many pianists were at first reluctant to try the Fazioli, which is considered by some to be ‘the new kid on the block’ in the piano world.  A history of 35 years might be a long time in some businesses, but not in this industry: Fazioli’s main competitors have been making pianos for more than 150 years.   Today a growing number of professionals are getting behind Fazioli, and believe that the factory’s founder Paolo Fazioli has been successful in creating the finest piano in the world.

Local retailer Showcase Pianos has sold more than 50 in Vancouver since opening their doors in 2007, and is now ‘showcasing’ local talent in its new ‘Fazioli’ ad campaign.  Keep your eye out for ads featuring Austin Nash Park, a Vancouver based pianist whose new CD is being looked at by major labels.  Clare Yuan is finishing her doctoral academic degree in piano performance at UBC.  Jazz pianist Max Zipursky is often seen playing on the amazing custom made Fazioli in the lobby lounge at the Fairmont Pacific Rim.   Daniel Chow is a local accountant that has received great attention for his success at amateur piano competitions around the world.  Maggie Chang is only 14 years old, and has already performed at Carnegie Hall.

Work behind the camera was done by very talented local photographers Florence Leung and Scott Adolph.

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