Bechstein’s ‘W. Hoffmann’ Pianos

VANCOUVER, BC – Showcase Pianos is pleased to announced that it has now begun making available the ‘W. Hoffmann’ line of the famous German piano maker Bechstein.

Alberta’s preeminent concert technician Michael Lipnicki – who has been known to fly out to tune pianos in Vancouver at the request of certain well known pianists – recommended the piano line after having brought some in for himself. Mr. Lipnicki was impressed with the W. Hoffmann’s excellent tone, and mentioned that they are so very well prepared in Germany.

The “W. Hoffmann” is not to be confused with the piano with a similar name that is made in China. The “W. Hoffmann” is completely made in Europe by Bechstein. Prices start at $7,998 for an upright, and at $25,998 for a grand.

Larry Fine’s new ‘Piano Buyer’ Guide places the ‘W. Hoffmann’ piano in the ‘Performance Grade’ category 3, just one down from New York’s well known ‘Steinway’, and higher than the Yamahas and Kawais that are in the ‘Consumer Grade’ category.

See pages 46 and 47 here:

We warmly welcome you to come and try the pianos for yourself! The “W. Hoffmann” line of pianos is on display at both locations of Showcase Pianos, together with Grotrian and Fazioli pianos. Please visit our website for more information:


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