Bernascheks meet Larry Fine with Paolo Fazioli at NAMM Show

ANAHEIM, CA – On the first day of the NAMM Trade Show in Anaheim California, I looked over at the name tag of the person talking to piano maker Paolo Fazioli and discovered that it was Larry Fine – – – author of many editions of the famous “Piano Book” and the all new “Piano Buyer” Book, that teaches people what to look for when they are buying a piano. (See here for more details: )

It was a tremendous joy and privilege to meet Larry Fine, a very humble and kind individual.
Our trip to the NAMM Show also reunited us with long time friend Alan Merriam and his son Daniel – owners of Merriam’s Music in Toronto, and distributors of Perzina Pianos. We also met Rick Baldassin, the Fazioli piano dealer of Salt Lake City, Utah.

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