SPRING into Action SALES EVENT on now!
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SPRING into Action SALES EVENT on now!

VANCOUVER, BC – Showcase Pianos is pleased to announce one of the biggest sales of the year that will encompass discounts on all 7 brands of acoustic pianos, as well as specials on the floor models for Roland Digital Pianos.

Our stores have just received a huge shipment of Knabe and Seiler pianos, with prices starting from $3,998 for uprights and $8,998 for grands!   The shipment has included a Knabe in Ferrari Red, as well as some Seiler uprights in beautiful wood finishes including Mahogany, Bubbinga, and Sapele Pomele.

Please visit us in Vancouver at 1224 W Broadway (604) 437-5161 or in Richmond on the 3rd floor at Aberdeen Centre (604) 270-8883.

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