First Fazioli Arrives in Winnipeg

WINNIPEG, MB –  Most people have never heard of piano brand ‘Fazioli’ before, but for a pianist – it’s like hearing the name ‘Ferrari’, or ‘Lamborghini’.   Today they have come to be regarded as being the finest pianos ever made – and this is the first one ever to come to Winnipeg.

Fazioli is the new kid on the block in the world of piano making – a place that doesn’t often get newcomers.  In 1979, Paolo Fazioli – himself a pianist and an engineer – decided that he wanted to create the best piano known to man.   It has parts plated in 18K gold, and the soundboard is carved from the same trees that Antonio Stradivari used for his famous instruments.

“The Fazioli is every pianist’s dream. This piano can sing – cry – scream – and even dance for you. Anything you ask of it – it responds beautifully.  It is quite simply the most wonderful piano being made in the world today.”,  Linda Lee Thomas – Principal Pianist, VSO

Each one take about 3 years of man hours to make, and is around double the price of a Steinway in the same size.   What’s the difference?    Showcase Pianos owner Manuel Bernaschek is the representative for Fazioli in Western Canada, and says:   “To me it reminds me of when I heard of HD TV.   I thought to myself ‘I’ll never be able to tell the difference’.   But once you see it, you almost feel like you can’t live without it.   The Fazioli is a piano, but in HD”.

“Words really can’t properly express my enthusiasm for these incredible instruments. I have played many hundreds of instruments in my 28 years of professional music making, and I can honestly say that the Fazioli is simply the finest instrument I have ever had the privilege to play.” — Miles Black, Jazz Pianist

Fazioli has been gaining a strong following in recent years, including jazz legend Herbie Hancock, and the world’s leading renowned Bach-expert Angela Hewitt.    Both of these world renowned pianists played on this exact piano before it left the showroom in Vancouver.

This instrument has also been signed by two of the greatest jazz pianists alive today:  Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea.


Showcase Pianos | FAZIOLI has invited ‘Fazioli Young Artist’ Sarah Shing to perform for the media.   (About Sarah…   Sarah is 10 years old and in grade 5 piano.  For her grade 4 exam she was awarded a score of 98.8%.   Sarah started learning piano at the age of 3 with Music for Young Children and then started taking private lessons with Caron Whitlaw-Hiebert.  She has been awarded 9 gold performances through Winnipeg Music Festival, and for the past two years, she has been invited to play at the closing Gala ceremony and was awarded a Manitoba Registered Music Teachers’ Association Scholarship.   She has also competed in the Canadian Music Competition twice (she went to the Nationals in Quebec City in 2014) and she intends to participate again this year.  Also, for the past three years, Sarah has auditioned for and has been invited to participate in the Enrichment Program at the University of Manitoba, and was invited to play at the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra with Musicians in the Making.  She will be playing at the WSO again this year.  For the past two years, she has volunteered her time to play at The Forks Market with the Manitoba Registered Music Teachers’ Association to raise funds for music lessons for underprivileged kids.)

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